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" Mohak has made my extremely dry skin soft. This wonderful product is the proverbial breath of fresh air...The texture of this product is very soft and melts on skin. I usually go for subtly fragrant products, but its ultra-rich chocolaty aroma got me. It delivers what it promises, or maybe slightly more. My skin has become radiant with health and vitality. It is fresh, different, and feels really nourishing. Thank you again. "


" Well, who would have thought of a Banana and Lotus Shampoo? I picked it out of curiosity and my love for Bananas, literally. It turns out to be one of the gentlest and most beautifully fragrant shampoos I have ever used, and it is also SLS & paraben free. My hair is thick and curly, and it leaves them in thick glossy curls. "


" I love the Methi hair balsam. I was looking for a natural hair mask and this product is perfect. My hair is visibly softer post wash! "


" I recently started using the Aloe, Neem and Tea Tree hair rinser. My hair is thin & curly and very few products suit my hair. This rinser is very gentle on my hair. It leaves my hair super soft. Will continue using it intermittently with my other shampoo."


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