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There is probably very little you haven’t already learnt about ‘best natural skin care’ from numerous guides available on the internet. However, we would like to open your eyes to the exact nature of what makes these organic skin care products so highly effective. Read on to learn how the subtle use of natural ingredients can create wonderful results for your skin!

Your New Skin Care Guide

If you’re unfamiliar with hair and skin care routines it is crucial for you to first identify your skin type. Skin types fall under four major categories: oily, dry, sensitive and combination. We’re sure just by hearing the options alone, you have already identified which skin type you have.

Our all natural skin care guide focuses on three areas for improvement. By religiously following this guide and making use of only organic skin care products, we can assure that your skin will soon be healthy, nourished and younger!

Step 1: Face Cleansers

It is recommended that face cleansers be used twice a day, morning and night. Khadi Essentials offers phenomenal organic skin care products, combining an eclectic blend of all-natural ingredients, each bringing its own unique advantage to your daily skin care regimen.


Bamboo is an anti-irritant that soothes the skin, creates a glowing radiance and helps strengthen the hair!


Probably one of the best natural adsorbents around, charcoal sucks the impurities and toxins straight out of the minutest of pores in your face! It is extremely useful for oily skin types, pulling out excessive oil. It is not suggested for dry skin types.


Besides the pleasant fragrance that lemon offers, it also helps cleanse your skin. Antibacterial properties of lemon moreover help clear up blackheads, fight acne and whiten teeth (when added to baking soda)!

Khadi Essentials offers an all organic skin care product recipes, combining the benefits of all the above-listed ingredients in a Bamboo Charcoal + Lemon Grass Cleanser!

Step 2: Essential Oils

To achieve the best natural perfection for your skin, consider switching from soaps to essential oils.


Lavender is chock full of antioxidants, which fight lines and wrinkles in your face. It also helps moisturize skin, clear pores, stop acne and soothe dry skin and eczema!


This lesser-known essential oil is the best natural way to fight stress, reducing blood pressure and heart rate and boosting your immune system. Its antiseptic properties aid in killing germs and helping with detoxification.
Make use of essential oils at least once a day for the best natural essential oils experience!

Step 3: Exfoliating Scrubs

The Khadi Essentials organic skin care product for exfoliation includes a true rockstar amongst organic ingredients – Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera

The restorative properties of this ingredient are nigh infinite. Aloe vera can be used to treat sunburns and acne, moisturize skin, help fight aging skin and lessen the visibility of stretch marks! The Khadi Essentials Aloe Vera with Scrub Wash is a dream product for all skin types.
Exfoliation can create dry skin if done in excess. Limit your use of the Khadi Essentials scrub wash to 2-3 times a week.

Don’t pollute your body with chemically laden products! Head over to Khadi Essentials for the best natural skin care products and beauty care tips!

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