Why Cow Ghee is essential in Ayurveda?


Desi Cow Ghee : A bag full of essential nutrients for Winter Skin


Desi Ghee, a semi-liquid form of butter without water content, lactose and other milk solids, is a true goldmine of nutrients. 

The Charaka Samhita, one of the classical texts of Ayurveda, says that “the intake of ghee is prescribed for those whose bodily constitution is dominated by vata and pitta or who is suffering from diseases due to the vitiation of vata and pitta, those desirous of good eyesight, the old, children, the weak, those desirous of longevity, those desirous of strength, good complexion, voice, nourishment, progeny, tenderness of the body, luster, ojas, memory, intelligence and wisdom.”

Ghee is considered a premier ‘Rasayana’ or rejuvenator. Ayurveda refers to it as soothing, calming and a pure concoction, like an Amrit. 



Why Cow Ghee is essential in Ayurveda? 

In ancient Ayurveda, Cow Ghee is observed in various forms and ways- 

    • Abhyangadanam : For body massage, rubbing it into head, chest, limbs, joints & orifices. It will bypass the digestive system & allow the qualities of Cow ghee to penetrate directly into the deeper tissues. 
    • Purvakarma : The small amount of Cow ghee is taken first thing in the morning with some warm water to oleate the internal organs & dissolve the amas allowing them to be eliminated.


  • Ojasvardhak : Provides luster and sheen to the body and improves vitality and provides essential energy in the body by making the body strenuous.


  • Vayasthapana : Defined as anti-aging and maintains youthfulness. In Vyavasthapan, oil is used for rasayana effect. Due to the action of these herbs aging effect can be resolved easily. 



Benefits of using Cow Ghee in Winter Skin Care

  • Ghee is a deep absorbent : Ghee contains essential fatty acids that induce hydration in the skin cells, thus moisturizing the skin. It is a form of oil that can bond with other nutrients and help to penetrate the deepest layers of the body. 
  • Ghee ages over time : It is believed that cow ghee ages with time and its medicinal properties increase with time. Purana Ghrita is Cow’s Ghee that is at least one to ten years old, making it a tonic which is extremely nourishing in nature, with age arresting, skin toning and smoothing qualities. 
  • Ghee resonates wellness : Indian culture promotes pure Cow’s Ghee to attract the sattvik or pure vibrations present in the surrounding atmosphere. For this reason, we use this in our festival celebration as an auspicious ingredient, in proportions prescribed by ancient Vedas for peace and prosperity.
  • Ghee is  Nutrition Rich : Being abundant in vitamin A, E and antioxidants, Desi Ghee revives dull and lifeless skin and avoids dark circles and dry skin. 

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