We Appreciate You –Thank You to All the Men in Our Lives

A shocker, isn’t it? An International Men’s Day existed & yet not known to all. The hype about this day was never created & we could never understand why. Don’t men deserve the same appreciation as any of us women do? Why have we created a society wherein an ideal definition of a man is someone who is supposed to be dominating, have a strong voice, be strong, dress a certain way, not show off their feelings, WHY have we done that? Isn’t it time we start standing up for men too, because some men are bad, not all men! Why make a group of some men dictate the future of all men?

Let’s take a deeper dive into what is/has been expected out of men through all these years. 

  1. Feelings? Throw them out.

Why is it that men are expected to suppress their feelings, they too are human after all, aren’t they? We have to build a safe space for them to okay to feel, okay to vent out, okay to cry, & most of all okay to call out for help when they need it.

  1. Man up!

A man is expected to never give up, never lose for that matter. There has always been an unwanted need for men to win everything. Whether a normal sport or higher positions in life, the male ego is set a certain way & this isn’t always wrong, but when the pressure is too high, it is.

  1. Be physically strong.

It’s all in the mind they say, & it is. You do not have to be physically strong to just be human. If your mental health is damaged, so are you. Buffing up at the gym isn’t going to work out the problems in your head. If you’re a petite, which is completely normal, you can’t expect to become some super manly figure. Normalize this.

  1. Make money.

A huge part of how we define maleness lies in men’s bank accounts. A man’s status in the society is only decided with the number of digits he makes, nothing else matters these days which quite honestly is taken over by women too now. It is okay to struggle while you start, it is okay to find your way to what you want. Voice out.

It’s Beardiful Month!

Making a difference for boys and men can mean a lot of things. Here in the beauty & wellness world, we at KE believe that it means to eliminate judgment from our lives and promote fearless individuality. It means making a positive difference to their future by forcing a positive impact on it today. 

Wish the men in your life a gift of appreciation from Khadi Essentials. A gift box specially curated for the men. It’s about time that everyone began to normalize the fact that even men can follow a skincare regime too!

Wishing all the men out there a Happy International Men’s Day!

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