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Come winter, come pleasant weather, cold breeze, healthy food, festive season and all things good. But what about the impact it leaves on your skin? Well, let’s admit, winters can be a little harsh if you let your skin go unattended.  Cold weather results in low humidity which causes the skin to become dry and callous. It tends to lose moisture, feel flaky and lifeless.

Intense care such as exfoliation, regular moisturization, and protection from this chilly weather is crucial. Using lemongrass and bamboo charcoal might succor your skin. Here’s what these two can do in your skin’s defense:

Bamboo Charcoal:

Activated Bamboo Charcoal is the most sustainable organic resource available in the skincare vertical. It is four times more adsorbant than wood charcoal which intensifies its ability to cleanse the pores by eliminating impurities.

  • It has millions of minute pores which help it in trapping dirt, impurities and other pollutants for washing them away.
  • It works as a natural exfoliator and removes lifeless skin cells without drying the skin out.
  • It has superb anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties making it an ace choice for acne-prone skin. It also works magic on blemish-prone skin.
  • It is also a perfect choice for removing make-up.
  • It works on all skin types and cleanses your skin thoroughly making it feel fresh and pure.
  • Just be ready for the black mess it might create when you use it in powdered form.


Just like its distant cousin lemon, lemongrass too has amazing qualities which make it an ideal option for skincare.

  • Its antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities make it a perfect skin toner for blemished and acne-prone skin.
  • It serves as an amazing astringent. It will zap out the extra budding oil on your skin and leave it fresh and moisturized.
  • Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties make it a quintessential for acne-prone or oily skin.


You can also try our ” The Kajli Collection” Lemongrass & Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Cleanser and Activated Bamboo Charcoal & Oats Face Mask to explore the benefits of this magical concoction.  Bamboo charcoal and lemongrass are naturally obtained resources and are 100% organic and safe to use on skin, even on babies.

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