#TeachThemEarly – A Victory of Good Over Evil

The warmth & enthusiasm this festivity season brings has outmatched the celebration when compared to previous years. Dussehra has been celebrated for centuries, nay, decades but yet there’s something about it that makes this celebration distinct. It is the victory of good over evil that brings the joy of celebration.

Happy Durga Puja

The powerful Maa Durga, an image of both creation and devastation slew Mahishasura – a dictator who had massive pride of his power and abused it in all the evils ways that anyone could think of. The triumph that denotes the power of feminism, the goddess who depicts “freedom from fear” and the mythical tale that imparts a courage to walk the way of honesty regardless of how alluring evil may appear contributes in the celebration of this festival.

This auspicious time is celebrated differently all across India, from Ramlila in the Northern & Central India, Durga Puja in the Eastern India, Garba & Dandiya Raas in Western India & Golu in South India. India has been known for its diversity but everyone gets together each year marking the union of souls and thoughts over the fact that darkness will always be subdued with goodness.

This Dussehra, our team at Khadi Essentials has decided to put a thought inside the minds of all the audience we can reach out to, the thought is #TeachThemEarly.

The rage began when the Nirbhaya case in Delhi happened, the case of the photojournalist in Mumbai, the Jisha case in Kerala & now the Hathras case. These cases do not need to be elaborated upon, we know the horrific things that happened to these women, the evil. The society has always found their way to blame the women, why? No, this isn’t a hate article to the men out there because “not all men” but it is “enough men” for us at Khadi Essentials to talk about it.

The hashtag #TeachThemEarly signifies, how mom’s worry less when a boy is born whereas it isn’t the same when it comes to a girl child. Worry not in terms of education or financial constraints; that is equal for both, but the worry is about the safety of the girl child while compared to the boy. Just like how Ravan got hold of Sita for his own liking, need or status without any consent, boys need to be taught that being a Ravan isn’t a way of living. Boys need to be taught from an early age itself to respect women, treat women as equal & keep women feeling safe. If the learning starts at home, that’s how the word spreads, between friends, families, societies, communities, so on & so forth.

We just need to take the first step. We need to voice out the evil. We need to fight for the good. We need to spread word about the better things & most of all we need to teach them early.

May the significance of this day not just lift up your spirit of joy but also help you inculcate values to young boy that are our future.

Happy Dussehra!

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