The House of Khadi Essentials taps into the power of Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old holistic healing system rooted in Indian history, and mixes in modern science to create incredible luxurious body and wellness products. We believe that good health depends on a delicate, tranquil state of the mind, body and spirit – and they are all aspects that we aim to take care of, with our extensive collection of Ayurvedic skin-care, hair care and wellness products. Behold- the science of life, only with The House of Khadi Essentials.

This monsoon, the House of Khadi Essentials brings to you a carefully hand-crafted, curated collection of body, skin, and hair care and wellness products that treat your mind, body, and soul. The monsoon brings with it rain and joy, but an itchy scalp, acne and eczema too. The products in this collection have been specifically chosen for their impressive ingredients and properties that tackle these issues.

Our season’s favourites include our Marmik Regenerative Hair Oil, a sensational potion designed to completely transform dull and damaged hair. This antibacterial hair revitaliser, complete with Neem, Tea Tree, Basil and Vitamin E, deeply nourishes hair to prevent hair loss and ensure hair growth.

Our Hair Rinsers give your scalp the royal treatment, which will help get your blood circulation flowing, thereby preventing a myriad of problems like hair loss, thinning, dryness and itchiness. Indulge in the goodness of our curated collection with the Aloe, Neem & Tea Tree Gentle Hair Rinser, the Tender Narikela & Kokum Hair Rinser, and the Charcoal & Barley Hair Rinser. Our remarkable ingredients enrich dull, damaged hair for smooth, luscious locks, fortifying every single strand with potent yet gentle antioxidants and fats. Caress and treat your skin with our outstanding Neem, Tulsi & Tea Tree Face Cleanser – an exotic, divine blend specifically formulated to soothe and relax your skin, while healing it at the same time.

Our deluxe Charcoal & Oats Face Mask from our Kajli Collection uses wholesome ingredients like activated charcoal to pull out toxins, dirt, micro-particles, and other impurities from your skin, leaving it clear and blemish-free. We also have two of our favourite Bath Bars to pick from, to amplify your bathing rituals. Our Rasik Doux Bath Bar is a mixed-fruit Bath Bar with real squished avocado, citrus fruits and almond milk. Your skin feels refreshed, plump, and juicy, and your pH levels are balanced, leaving your complexion luminous and vibrant. Our Swarnim Doux Bath Bar contains turmeric, a gentle, purifying ingredient that prevents inflammation and leaves your skin deeply cleansed and rejuvenated, with a soft, golden sheen.The House of Khadi Essentials believes in nothing but the best for your holistic wellness, always.

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