Sanitizers: An Investment in your Protection and Safety





Sanitizers are one of the absolute essential items in the market today. A hand sanitizer is a liquid or gel generally used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. Prior to the hygiene wakeup call due to COVID-19, there was a vast majority of the population that never used sanitizers because they didn’t need to. However, given the current situation, which has made a lockdown imperative, the norm is to carry a sanitizer wherever you are and constantly rid yourself of the germs and viruses. Be it in a parked car or at a shopping mall, sanitizers are a handy companion.  



That said, sanitizers cannot replace washing your hands with soap and water and are a quick alternative to be used on the go, according to the World Health Organisation. Visible dirt always needs to be washed. A sanitizer never works on dirt and grime but instead works on  germs, bacteria and viruses. 

For the purpose of prevention against viruses, including the coronavirus, the sanitizer must contain more than 70% alcohol. This tends to dry out hands severely with repeated use and must be used in small quantities. Our Pure&Safe Neem, Tuli & Aloe Vera hand sanitizer contains 70% alcohol to fight the germs and viruses. It has the added goodness of aloe vera, neem and tulsi along with glycerin that act as natural moisturizers to prevent the dryness due to alcohol.  



The texture of moisturizing sanitizers is stickier than regular alcohol-based sanitizing gels. They fulfill the purpose of both sanitizer and hand cream. Moisturizing sanitizers might feel sticky when used in large quantities and thus must be used few drops at a time. Less is more, in the case of these sanitizers.  

Once a dime sized amount is taken onto the palm and rubbed in, all the germs are effectively killed instead of just being removed. The telltale alcohol smell always follows the rub and proves the effectiveness. It takes about 30 seconds for the Sanitizer to fully take effect. So, ease wait for 30 seconds before you proceed to whatever you were doing.  

There are various benefits of using a sanitizer. First and foremost, it is more accessible than a sink with soap and water. They also require less time than handwashing and kill microorganisms quickly. They are gentler on the skin than soap and water as no excessive rubbing is required. Some sanitizers might include moisturizing agents to keep the skin balanced and hydrated.  


A sanitizer must always be used after touching various surfaces that are touched by the masses to ensure no contagious germs are transmitted. Also, always sanitize your hands before touching your face. Nobody likes acne, right? Germs and bacteria on open facial pores could wreak havoc for the skin. That said, excessive usage of sanitizer might disrupt the balance of good bacteria on our skin that are essential for our health. In addition to that, it might create stronger bacteria. What would be excessive usage? Let’s say if you finish an entire bottle on 330ml in a week or less, you’re using it a little too much.  

A sanitizer is not just another product that lines the listings of our favourite shopping websites but is a major investment in our safety. 



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