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Rose Collection - Khadi Essentials



The quintessential flower – Rose has always been a classic when it comes to the timeless beauty secret of ancient queens across cultures. According to Ayurveda, 5000 years ago in India and even now, Rose is a praiseworthy flower. It was believed that Hindus wash and clean effigies of God with pure Rose water, or mizzle, for refreshing their skin and face alike. Ayurvedic scriptures explain the beguiling qualities of Rose and the essential oil extracted from it is due to an aesthetic reason that balances Sadhaka Pitta (Subdosha of Pitta) that governs the emotions and their effect on the heart. It intensifies the coordination between Sadhaka Pitta and Prana Vatta (Subdoshas of Vatta) that governs the brain, head, chest and respiration. 


Compared to the ethereal beauty queen, Damyanti, King Bhima’s daughter, It is believed that she soaked in a pure Rose water bathtub every day because, in the olden days, our Purvajas ( ancestors)  prophesied the usage of only pure & natural ingredients to attain timeless and alluring Beauty & Wellness. Queen Damyanti was also known to use fresh Rose water for face at bedtime for the roses to work their magic at night. Her enchanting beauty re-emphasises a  lot about Rose as one of her indispensable beauty secrets. 


We are intrinsically inspired by Roses and their benefits narrated in Ayurvedic research and smelling a fresh rose bed, inspired us to make many unique concoctions with roses and presenting in our The Rose Collective (All things Rose). It has three main potent properties- soothing, cooling and moisturizing. Pure organic Rose Water is ideal for facial toning, especially in summer. Our The Sajal Collection – Refreshing Pure Rose Face Mizzle contains an elixir that’s all Rose, oil and purified water.

This Face Mizzle (Mist) does wonders when it comes to refreshing & glowing skin. Due to it’s soothing, enhancing and exceptionally hydrating properties, Desi Gulaab (Rose) is known to impart a healthy & glowing skin. Purified Water (Jal) is considered as ‘The Iota of life’ in Atharvaveda. It’s healing all the skincare and haircare concerns for years. It blends aesthetically with Rose to removes impurities and leaving a refreshing & toned skin.  Let’s explore more about this beneficial and refreshing Rose Face Mizzle: 


The Sajal Collection: Refreshing Pure Rose Skin Face Mizzle For Clear & Glowing Skin


Refreshing Rose Skin and Face Mizzle                     


In Ayurveda, the significance of purity and simplicity cannot be emphasised enough. Refresh, nourish and heal your facial skin while on-the-go with The Sajal Collection – Refreshing Pure Rose Face Mizzle. It is a magic potion and also a remarkably versatile spritzer for the face. Whether you have oily or combination skin, this is suitable for all skin type and can be added in your beauty regime.   It can also be used as a toner or a refreshing pure Rose water face mist. For most effective results to show on your skin, follow our luxurious beauty regime with this fragrant natural rose mizzle. 

Refreshing Rose Face Mizzle



Key Ingredients that behold ethereal properties of this Ayurvedic Rose Face Mizzle are:


Desi Gulab

Desi Gulab or Pure Rose has eternally been used in skincare and body detox in Ayurvedic regimen. It acts as a toner, astringent and relaxant. Roses have therapeutic benefits that relax the body, calm the mind and promote glowing skin. 


Rose Oil

Containing a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Rose essential oil has excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat redness and inflammation


Purified Water

Purified water gently cleanses and purifies the skin, leaving it soft, hydrated and moisturised. It adds glow and doesn’t deprive the skin of its natural oils, thus, maintaining the skin’s natural pH levels.


Get a glowing face like Queen Damyanti and get refreshing Rose fragrant vibes with love from The House of Khadi Essentials

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