Reduce Stretch Marks with Geranium Essential Oil

New mothers are usually concerned about stretch marks during or after pregnancy. First of All, there is nothing to be alarmed about. More than 90% of mothers experience stretch marks on their bellies, thighs, hips, and breasts after giving birth. Stretch marks are a beautiful pattern woven by nature on the crevices of the wall. These white lines depend on your skin type and genes. As a result,  some women might get them quickly, and some may not get them at all. 

Some stretch marks stay on the skin permanently, but most stretch marks fade naturally. Another way of reducing the visible stretch marks is through massages  and a variety of treatments. 

What causes stretch marks on the body?

Stretch marks, scientifically known as striae, indicates the collapse in the elasticity of skin tissues. They occur when skin suddenly stretches, for example, in case of pregnancy, instant weight gain or loss, genetic, or puberty. The marks are the scar tissues that rupture the middle or bottom layer of the skin’s supportive structure and end up creating wobbly lines on the skin surface. 

Ayurvedic ingredients that treats stretch marks naturally-

  1. Vitamin A:
    Vitamin A helps the skin to appear smoother and more youthful. It is a common ingredient in several ayurvedic skincare products and is found in many natural food sources, for example- ghee, milk, carrot, spinach, tomato etc.
  2. Aloe vera:
    A lot of research suggests that aloe vera is a stretch marks curer. Its ability to naturally moisturize and soften the skin makes it an ideal ingredient for stretch marks. Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that further protect your skin from other maladies.
  3. Olive oil:
    This therapeutic oil is infused with antioxidants, and vitamin E is an excellent nourishing and moisturizing agent for the skin. The polyphenols present in cold-pressed olive oil induce collagen production and brighten the skin.
  4. Coconut oil:
    As stretch marks are caused due to skin damage, the healing properties of coconut oil help in quick recovery. The fatty acids in ayurvedic oil have antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral assets that prevent the skin from free radical damage.
  5. Cocoa butter:
    Cocoa butter is a natural plant-based fat that acts as a humectant and enhances the skin’s elasticity. It penetrates deep inside the epidermis (topmost layer of the skin) and retains moisture. Cocoa butter softens the stretch marks and prevents them.

Can we prevent stretch marks from stirring? 

Stretch marks appear due to a variety of reasons, weight gain being the primal one. There are multiple preventive measures, but it is hard to avoid those white lines in the case of pregnancy. As the baby grows inside you, your body makes more space to accommodate the growth and changes while unsettling the synchronization of skin tissues. However, you can try adopting some habits to minimize the appearance of stretch marks-

  • Watch your weight gain: Enjoy your pregnancy cravings but don’t let it go out of hand. Maintain a healthy protein-rich diet that’ll not only stabilize your weight but also keep the baby nourished.
  • Provide hydration: Hydrate your body and skin. Moisturize the skin with oils and creams to generate elasticity of the skin.

Ayurveda recommends massaging the stretch marks with nutrients rich ayurvedic oils during pregnancy. These oils provide relief from stress, reduce stretch marks, normalize hormones, and ease the childbirth. One such prominent oil is Geranium Essential Oil. Did you know ancient Egyptians used Geranium Oil to promote a clear, smooth, and radiant complexion? Rich in antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties, this ayurvedic oil encourages collagen production and enhances elasticity to maintain skin’s softness. Geranium oil is an astringent that tightens the skin and strengthens the cell walls that reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Mix a few drops of Khadi Essentials Pure Mediterranean Geranium Oil in Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and massage the area containing stretch marks with this unique composition regularly. Apart from fading stretch marks, the ayurvedic amalgamation of essential oils works towards treating saggy skin and toning the abdominal muscles. The regenerative properties of Olive Oil and Geranium Oil heals the breakdown of skin cells and supports the formation of new ones.

Stretch marks are a part of your memoir, where you witness the new life growing inside your body. However, investing towards a better- and healthy-looking skin is always a healthy choice and helps with building your self confidence. New mothers need to care for themselves, and ayurvedic oils are 100% natural, pure & safe products to start this journey of self-care with.

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