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Cradling in the lap of imperial Himalayas, Lavender is one of the most beautifully scented medicinal flowers. Pure Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil is extremely relaxing and soothing as it’s rich in detoxification, hypotensive and sedative properties. This potent elixir can be used for topical skin and hair therapies; and can also be diffused into aromatherapy.


15ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

De Luxe Skin, Body & Hair Quintessentials, also suitable for Aromatherapeutic Usage

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Lavender is a natural antidepressant and helps to relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep and enhance concentration. With its immense healing properties, it is also effective in curing burns and cuts, alleviating headaches and relieving eczema and acne.


Infuse Pure Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil in ratio of 1:20 to your carrier oil or lotion for hair and skin application. Trickle 3-5 potent drops to water for relaxation and internal healing effects through aromatherapy.

Key Ingredient

Pure Kashmiri Lavender



It is one of the best ingredients to stimulate regeneration and regrowth of hair making them appear healthy and full. Lavender oil deeply conditions the hair, keeps it shiny, and helps control dandruff. Massaging this oil into scalp promotes blood circulation which maintains follicular health in good stead.

Lavender Oil is anti-inflammatory, thus, it helps to reduce irritation, blotching and ruddiness of skin, helping to restore bright, natural skin tone. It also invites and sustains youthful skin by maintaining its elasticity.

It has a sweet and refreshing aroma and can be used to treat a variety of health conditions. It is best known for invoking relaxation in headaches, depression, nervousness, insomnia, exhaustion, rheumatism, muscle spasms and stimulating blood flow, and as a cell regenerator.

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