Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil

Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil

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For Skin, Hair & Aromatherapy, Anti-Acne

Submerged in the world of purity, this all-rounder Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil is your confidant for eternally beautiful skin, nourished hair and serene mind. It is extremely useful for blemishes and skin prone to acne. When used in a diffuser, its aroma elevates your senses and gives solace, reducing weariness.

15ml / 0.5 .

Luxe Skin, Body & Hair Quintessentials, also suitable for Aromatherapeutic Usage


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Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil

Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil is the epitome of purity and all-round holistic effectiveness for both, radiant skin as well as healthy hair! This special multi-purpose product from our portfolio is your answer to eternally gorgeous skin, healthy, luxuriant locks as well as a cool and serene mind. Crafted especially for all skin and hair problems, it works minutely to eliminate skin problems like dullness, blemishes, acne and dehydrated skin. And when applied on the scalp and hair follicles you will see your hair transforming with unprecedented volume, bounce and sheen. By adding a few drops to your normal respective oils for skin or hair your wondrous beauty regimen for hair and skin will take off to whole new dimension. But that is not all! When used as aromatherapy, its fragrance will evaporate exhaustion, clear your mind and please your senses too.

Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil will purify your skin, nourish it and leave it calm, bright and refreshed. This wondrous elixir for skin and hair also treats dandruff, acne, and fungal or bacterial infections. The holistic antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties of Tea Tree Essential Oil ensure that your hair and skin become internally and externally clean and healthy. In today’s increasingly polluted environment, it becomes the single largest safeguard for your skin, scalp and mindset.

15ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

Luxuriant Skin, Hair & Wellness Multi-purpose Elixir, also suitable for Aromatherapeutic Usage

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified; Dermatologically Tested; Certified Organic; 100% Vegan; Cruelty-Free – Not tested on animals; Without Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) & Parabens Free.

Benefits of Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • For Skin: Tea Tree Essential Oil will give you long-lasting healthy and luminescent skin. It lightens the skin colour and is also an excellent antibacterial to banish impurities accumulated from environmental pollution. It also works wonderfully well with body odour due to its naturally pleasant, crisp aroma. Its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties purify the skin leaving it refreshed, revitalized and renewed. Tea Tree Essential Oil also diminishes blackheads, pimples, acne, inflammation, blemishes and other skin impurities.
  • For Hair: Tea Tree Essential Oil, with its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, is the perfect remedy for all hair-related problems. Firstly, it cleanses the scalp gently to remove any ill-effects of environmental pollution as well as dandruff. Thereafter it lends moisture, strength and nourishment to your hair for optimum volume, hydration and sheen. Plus it has a naturally pleasant and crisp aroma that will leave your hair smelling fabulously fragrant.
  • As Aromatherapy: Tea Tree Essential Oil actively boosts the immunity of the body, calms and clears the mind and leaves the senses relaxed yet alert.
Features of Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil easily generates healthy skin. It eliminates itchiness as well as psoriasis. But its bounty extends to lightening the skin, tightening it and leaving it much more youthful. It is particularly efficient in fighting off the ill-effects of pollution and environmental damage.
  • Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil is recognized worldwide for its natural antibacterial properties that cure itchiness of the scalp. It also eliminates the harmful effects of pollution, grime and environmental damage. Moreover, it moisturizes and nourishes all scalp and hair types and also opens blockages in the pores of the scalp, thereby generating the growth of healthy, well-nourished hair.
  • The supremely soothing fragrance of Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil strengthens the immune system and guards against infections, by eliminating stress and bringing about alertness, confidence and self-love.
Primary Ingredient in Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil

Pure Australian Tea Tree

Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil is distilled from the therapeutic leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, a small tree that is found in Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. This exponentially therapeutic essential oil is today used in a host of therapy and beauty products worldwide. Its multi-purpose benefits for skin, hair and overall wellness are magical and have to be experienced for the positive transformation it will bring to your appearance and state of mind.

How to use Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil?
  • Mix Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil in a ratio of 1:20 to any quality oil or lotion of your choice before applying to skin or hair.
  • Sprinkle 3-5 drops of this potent oil into clean water for aromatherapy or your bathwater to see the wonders it brings to your mood and overall well being.

Q: How is Tea Tree Essential Oil good for your scalp?
A: Tea Tree Essential Oil is popular worldwide for its natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that heal the scalp, thereby leading to a healthy scalp and hair growth.

Q: What are the properties of Tea Tree Essential Oil that makes it excellent for your skin?
A: Tea Tree Essential Oil is a premium choice for skin brightening and smoothening. Besides, its natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties treat redness, swelling, acne and inflammation. It is also one of the premium anti-pollutants for your skin.

Q: What are the healing properties of Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil?
A: Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil is a marvellous elixir for the skin, hair, mind, respiratory and immune systems. It has to be used to fully understand the magnificent benefits of this holistic and rare extract. It is fragrant, improves the circulation of blood and flushes out toxins and ill-effects of air and water pollution. When used in aromatherapy, its natural fragrance enhances mental and emotional wellbeing by calming and relaxing the mind and senses. You could alternatively sprinkle a few drops on your pillow before sleeping to improve sleep quality and boost alertness upon rising in the morning.

Q: What are the price and dimensions of Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil?
A: The price of Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil is Rs. 795.00. It is available in 15ml/0.5 fl. Oz.

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Why buy from Khadi Essentials?

We diligently source 100% Vegan, Certified Organic as well as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified Product for Khadi Essentials Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil. This unique multi-beneficial product will give you a rare beautifying and holistic experience that is sure to become an integral part of your beauty and wellness routine.

Weight 0.081 g
Dimensions 6.2 × 4 × 7.6 cm

6 reviews for Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil

  1. Rashmi, 26, Female

    I have a major acne problem and I have used so many neem face wash but my concerns were not solved. So I used Tea tree essential oil from your brand and uff this product is really so so pure and effective, I applied it directly on my acne and blemished and the next two days the skin is all clear. Following it daily

  2. Ojas, 32, Male

    Effective product for hair and skin both.

  3. Lakshay, 27, Male

    This one solved my problem and also sometimes I used this in my diffuser to have a healthy and medicinal breath. I love strong essential oils as they are really effective on your skin and helps you solve your queries really fast. Good Product Khadi Essentials

  4. Akriti, 30, Female

    I love this product and bought three together because I use it regularly at night as advised me by your Ayurveda Expert and yes it has shown a major difference on my face. It has given me a clear skin

  5. Shrey, 22, Male

    I have severe acne problems so someone recommended this product for acne & blemishes. So I used it directly as it says it is pure, I could see the result in 60 days. This routine should be followed for best results. Pretty good product

  6. Jasveen, 31, Male

    Damn effective product and I use it directly in some areas, it showed best results.

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