Khadi Essentials Marmik Regenerative Hair Oil

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Regenerative Hair Oil with Neem, Tea Tree, Basil & Vitamin E

That first, oh so divine and healing touch of a mother adds to the all pervasive might of Ayurveda. A sensational potion that is guaranteed to transform damaged hair. It is an antibacterial hair revitaliser, which nourishes hair to prevent hair loss and ensure hair growth. Bringing to you a standalone hair care ritual recipe with Neem, Tea Tree, Basil and Vitamin E, a hair oil that does it all. Known to suit all hair types, it boosts regrowth and regeneration of hair by actively working on roots. For normal hair, it leads to natural gloss and strength.


200ml / 6.8 fl. oz.

Holistic Hair Regrowth & Scalp Issues Elixir

Product code: EAA10U


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