Khadi Essentials Barahmasa Tranquilizer Hair Oil

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Essential Tranquil & Stress Relief Hair Oil

All hail to the reigning king of hair care oils – Barahmasa, crowned as an all-rounder for all seasons. It’s a supreme tranquiliser and has immense pain relieving and scalp cooling properties leading one into a meditative state. This potent fusion of 23 essential Ayurvedic herbs soothe your scalp and provide intensive care to hair. Now hair oil is not just a fair weathered friend, it’s a 12-month round companion.

Invite overall hair health and vitality with this carefully crafted hair essential, that soothes scalp, relieves pain and gives velvety soft hair.


200ml / 6.8 fl. oz.

De Luxe Tranquiliser & Hair Care

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