Khadi Essentials Almond Milk & Arnica Conditioner

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Embrace the potent elixir of Almond Milk Protein blessed with Arnica to discover dense, lustrous locks that emanate vibrancy and vitality. Almond Milk is highly restorative in nature due to high contents of Vitamin E and other supplemtarty nutrients. It also has Amla and Neem that soothe the scalp and prevent inflammation and itchiness while gently accentuating hair color and strength. It:

  • Adds sheen, bounce and lustre
  • Hydrates and helps in moisture retention
  • Reduces frizz and nourishes dry & damaged hair
  • Makes hair softer and detangles, thereby preventing breakage.


200ml / 6.8 fl. oz.

De Luxe Care for All Hair Types

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