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An auspicious festival to celebrate an eternal love tale is here, Karwa Chauth. It has an exemplary significance since the period of medieval history. The word Karwa Chauth is derived from two words, ‘Karwa means ‘earthen pot’ and ‘Chauth’ means ‘the fourth day of Karthik Masa’. In medieval times, Karwa Chauth was celebrated in North India but nowadays it is celebrated almost in every part of India. It is also known for offering ‘Arka’ to the moon using Karwa. From dusk till dawn, beautiful women adorned with traditional clothes and jewellery keeps a fast for the safety and longevity of their husbands (Suhaag).


There are numerous stories prevailing behind Karva Chauth since ages, but here is a narration of a beautiful story which is sung during Karwa Chauth Puja. This story is narrated on the lines when in medieval history, men were at war, fighting for their kingdoms and their women use to sit and pray for their victory & long life. Let’s begin!

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An Enchanting Tale of Veervati


Once upon a time, there was an enchantress, known as Queen Veervati, she was the only sister among seven brothers. She was loved and cared deeply, on the fourth night of Karthik Masa she went to her parents’ place where she began her Nirjala Fast (A fast without food and water) as it was believed that a fast will keep her husband away from all evil eyes and will provide longevity to her husband. She was eagerly waiting for moonrise so that she could fulfil her fasting rituals by offering ‘Arka’ to the moon with a sieve. She was suffering from hunger and thirst and this was not bearable to her brothers. They tricked her by holding a mirror on a pipal tree and showing a shadow which appears like a moon. She assumed it and then broke her fast, there and then an evil new arrived saying her husband is dead. 


She loved her husband so much and she kept on weeping for long. After some time, a Goddess arrived revealing the trick followed by her brothers. She was so devoted to her love that she again kept fast for her husband and watching her devotion, Yamraj Dev was impressed and restored the life of her husband. The purity and eternity are shown in her love which made everything possible. This story revolves around this beautiful day known as Karwa Chauth.


Nowadays, this day is celebrated among men and women both, where both keep a fast for each other’s good health and long life. Mother-in-law gives Sargi (A meal to break the fast). A huge significance of ‘Solah Shringaar’ is also interlinked as mother-in-law gift ‘Solah Shringaar’ to their daughter-in-law, so they could adorn themselves with beautiful red bangles and Suhaag ka Joda. A ceremony of gifting is also associated with Karwa Chauth, where husbands gift their wives a beautiful gift after fasting. Our ‘My Beloved’ gift box is associated with a similar tale. 

Khadi Essentials wishes you a Happy Karwa Chauth!

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