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There are many shampoos for you to choose from, but picking the “one” that settles with your hair type, scalp texture, grease level, and personal preference is the key. Cleansing your hair with shampoos is similar to cleansing your skin. The pollutants and harsh environment cause massive damage to your hair by making it too oily or too dry. Water alone cannot help you eliminate all this debris; instead, use a shampoo to remove oil from your hair follicles. Even your hair contains sebaceous glands that keep your hair moisturized. Shampoos for your hair are formulated of chemicals called surfactants that remove all the dirt and toxins from your hair. But this also means that in the process of cleansing, these shampoos can also cause damage to your hair. 

Ayurvedic rinsers are gentle and natural cleaning agents compared to usual shampoos. Ayurvedic rinsers contain cleaning and conditioning agents like plant extracts and natural oil that do not harm your hair. They are sulfate-free and paraben-free agents that naturally keep your scalp clean, healthy, and moisturized. Natural rinsers are enriched with ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree, neem, sandalwood, coffee, Moroccan clay, black seed, red onion, etc. these efficacious botanicals work together to prevent your hair and scalp from damage.

Features of Ayurvedic rinsers 

  1.     Provides softer, and smoother hair
  2.   Prevents hair fall and relieve scalp
  3.   Balances the pH level of the scalp
  4.   Suitable for all hair types  
  5.   Prioritize the wellbeing of the scalp
  6.   Doesn’t have parabens, SLS, sulfates
  7.   Stimulate the growth of hair
  8.   A source of natural moisturizer

These gentle ayurvedic rinsers are filled with lots of good minerals and essential oils that deeply repair the hair damage. Our Aloe, Neem, And Tea Tree Gentle Hair Rinser is the amalgamation of rich elements of Ayurveda. The anti-fungal, antibacterial, and inflammatory properties of  Neem And Aloe Vera hydrates the scalp and locks the essential nutrients in your hair. The Tea Tree Oil helps with the itching and eliminates germs, pollutants, and grime from your hair. Many eco-friendly natural ingredients potentially help your scalp and make your hair healthier. The red onion and black seed natural rinser is the best rinsers for curly hair as they are dry and need lustre and shine. Onions cure all hair troubles, including greying of hair and make the hair follicles stronger, reducing the hair fall. This prominent ayurvedic rinser shampoo also consists of the goodness of black seed oil, jaborandi oil, vitamin E, curry leaves, and hibiscus that strengthens the shaft and provides shine to your hair.