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The House of Khadi Essentials employs a powerful mix of the teachings of Ayurveda with the formidable knowledge of modern science to bring to you a curated collection of ingredients and products that do your hair good.

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Our Gandhsaar Sandalwood & Agar Agar Mild Hair Rinser is an aromatic concoction that acts as a coolant for the scalp, and has a myriad of therapeutic benefits as well. Invigorate your locks with this nourishing rinser that thickens your mane by promoting hair growth, strengthens the roots, and softens the shaft. Replenish your hair’s vitality and add life to dull hair with this fantastical mix!

If a powerful triad of ingredients is what you need, our Aloe, Neem & Tea Tree Gentle Hair Rinser is what you should be getting. This antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial potion helps get your blood flow going for greater circulation, thereby preventing hair loss, dryness, itchiness, and thinning. Aloe acts as a protective layer, replenishing the scalp and locking in the moisture, while neem and tea tree condition the scalp and flush out the dirt and toxins.

Our Kadlivana Banana, Lotus & Bhringraj Luscious Hair Rinser transforms damaged hair into impeccable, flowy tresses. This magically potent rinser acts as an elixir, helping minimise hair breakage by restoring the hair’s natural elasticity, conditioning your hair, and boosting hair volume. Banana’s act as a natural botox for the hair, giving it a luxurious deep conditioning treatment, while lotus helps balance out an oily scalp by controlling sebum production.

Dive into our Kajli Collection with our Activated Bamboo Charcoal & Barley Hair Rinser that cleanses and softens your hair with the gentlest touch there is. This activated charcoal in this exemplary treatment helps get rid of impurities and detoxifies the scalp by pulling accumulated dirt and oil to the surface, while the barley stimulates hair growth by triggering blood circulation to the scalp. Moreover, it helps produce melanin, thereby restoring the natural colour of your hair too.

If a loving touch is what you’re after, our Tender Narikela & Kokum Hair Rinser is a rich potion that immensely boosts hair volume and fortifies your scalp and mane with a multitude of proteins and oils. The coconut in this antioxidant rich mix softens and conditions your hair, while the pure kokum butter aids in preventing hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Our exotic Ratnagarbha Coffee & Red Moroccan Clay Hair Rinser, packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, caresses your tresses with love and genteel, and adds immense shine and lustre. This concoction works like magic, drawing metals and toxins out of the hair. This mix also prevents hair breakage and deep cleanses, without depleting protective natural oils from the hair and scalp.

Come, explore the substantial range of invigorating hair rinsers from The House of Khadi Essentials today!