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The hair oiling technique has been practised in India for centuries and lately has spread its wings worldwide. The method involves massaging your scalp with naturally extracted hair oils, which increases the moisture in your scalp and provides shine and volume to your hair. Hair oils usually contain nutrients and vitamins that treat your hair follicles from surfactants by hydrating the gaps between cuticle cells. 

We always want a stress-free life, and ayurvedic hair oils focus primarily on this aspect. Mental & physical stress and exhaustion are the primary reason for hair loss and greying, making it necessary to oil your hair at least twice a week. These hair oils are enriched with lipids and fatty acids that play an essential role in strengthening the hair and controlling frizziness.

Benefits of organic hair oils 

  1. Strengthen the roots and tips of your hair
  2. Prevents dandruff by moisturizing the scalp
  3. Improves shine and luster of the hair
  4. Stimulates hair growth 
  5. Averts premature greying
  6. Hydrates the roots and prevents frizz
  7. Reduces the stress levels

Ayurveda has always promoted hair oiling that keeps your scalp nourished and hydrates which eventually strengthen the roots. Ayurvedic hair oils consist of a plethora of natural oils that are infused with vitamins and minerals. These organic hair oils are formulated with different kinds of therapeutic botanicals like Amla, Bhringraj, Red Onion, Shikakai, Ashwagandha, Aloe Vera, Black Seed, etc., that battle with each hair problem. That is infused with vitamins and minerals that wipes out the excess sebum production and promotes hair growth. 

The Red Onion And Black Seed Hair Oil toughens the hair strands, reduces hair breakage and repairs the damaged hair. The ayurvedic hair oil has the goodness of Jaborandi Oil, And Vitamin E is therapeutic in nature that nourishes the dry scalp and prevents premature greying. Red onions feed the hair with extra sulfur that makes it strong and healthy. All the herbal hair oiling products are free from preservatives, allergens, parabens that can harm your hair. The best organic hair oil for hair loss is the Marmik Oil for regrowth containing powerful ingredients like Neem, Tea Tree, Basil, & Vitamin E. Neem has immunity-boosting properties like anti-microbial and antioxidant that safeguards from baldness, hair loss and general scalp issues. The anti-hair fall oil is also blessed with Amla & Methi that toughens the hair follicles and prevents irritation or burning. 

Ayurveda hair oils not just bestows with external benefits but also treats the body from the inside. Our Barahmasa Calming & Stress Relief Hair Oil has 23 vital ayurvedic herbs that treat hair issues and impact mental well-being. The pain-relieving, relaxing, and cooling properties in this herbal hair oil takes our mind to a Zen state. The goodness of Bhringaraj, Lavender, Olive, Amla, Brahmi, & Thyme ensures the proper blood circulation and reverses the hair greying.