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Your hair goes through a lot of stress everyday facing pollutants, germs, and toxins from the environment. Apart from that, we often use external heat tools and styling like straighteners, blow dryers and several chemical treatments. The heat exploits the hair, causing further damage and roughness. Best Hair masks deeply condition your hair, providing them with ample nourishment compared to any hair care product. The organic hair masks consist of essential nutrients infused in the hair shaft providing your hair with smooth, shiny and robust after-effects. Hair can be finicky and moody; that is the biggest reason why it should be taken care of constantly. 

Ayurvedic hair masks are enriched with natural ingredients, like lipids, natural oils (rose, almonds, black seed, red onion), and deep conditioning agents (aloe vera, coconut, vitamin E and raw fruits). These ingredients protect and treat your hair from roots to ends. Like conditioners, ayurvedic hair masks deeply condition your hair and provide added nutrients with extra nourishment and intensity. They provide an amalgamation of strength and shine while curbing dryness and frizziness.

Although there are several DIY hair masks for curly hair, straight hair, dry or greasy hair, it can be tricky and tiresome to explore different ingredients suiting your hair problem. 

Ingredients for Hair masks for Hair Growth: 

Red onion, coconut oil, lemon etc., are present in hair masks for hair growth. They are rich in proteins and fatty acids that treat your hair strands, making them Stronger. The Red Onion And Black Seed Oil Hair Mask formulated by Khadi Essentials deal with hair breakage and strengthen the hair and scalp.

Ingredients for Hair masks for Dandruff: 

Dandruff can be stubborn at times; no matter how many treatments you do, there is a chance that it will come back. Our methi (fenugreek) hair growth mask is an elixir in hair masks for dandruff. It has strong anti-fungal properties that fights dandruff, hair fall and reduces scalp irritation. Methi is a versatile ingredient benefiting the hair with:

  • Deep Conditioning
  • Removing Excess Oil
  • Treating Weak Hair Strands
  • Reducing Split Ends
  • Controlling Premature Greying 

Ingredients for Hair masks for Curly Hair:

Curly hair definitely gives a lavish look, but it takes time and money to maintain those curls. If you are looking for hair masks for curly hair, pick the ones that contain ingredients like Natural Oils (Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil), Yoghurt, Honey, Avocado & Aloe Vera that moisturizes the hair cuticles and act as a humectant to give that flow to your curls.

Ingredients for Hair masks for damaged hair:

Fenugreek is an essential ingredient in hair masks for damaged hair. It is enriched with Vitamin A, C, K, Folic Acid, and several other beneficial nutrients that deal with the strand’s hair issues. Our Nirmaya Methi Hair Mask treats hair conditions like dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, split ends that are a significant cause of hair breakage. Apart from Methi, Aloe Vera And Coconut are also prominent ingredients in hair masks for damaged hair due to their anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that shield your hair from the outside environment.