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Conditioning your hair is as important as moisturizing your skin. In the second step of cleansing, hair conditioners are created to manage the dryness and give it a shiny, softer look. After shampooing, the hair scalp tends to dry quickly, losing its sheen and elasticity. Conditioners fix split ends as the fatty acids, humectants, and oils present in the formula make your hair flexible and give a fuller look. Just a squidge of the product can work seemingly on the appearance of your hair, giving you the best hair day.

Hair conditioners are made of ingredients such as oils, emollients, silicons, and even surfactants (also known as detergents or soaps) which can be harmful to your hair and skin. If your hair is too greasy, it can end up on your face like a pimple. Ayurvedic hair conditioners are formulated with natural organic ingredients that take care of the well-being of your scalp. They deep condition your hair, treating the coloured/dyed hair or heated/damaged hair as well. To maintain the health of your hair, try our most beloved Red Onion And Black Seed Conditioner. This organic hair conditioner is the powerhouse of strength and antioxidants and treats the hair from the roots. It also contains the goodness of medicinal herbs like curry leaves, ratanjot, and haritaki with Ayurvedic Jaborandi Oil & Vitamin E.

If your search involves hair conditioners for men, our Almond Milk And Arnica Anti-dandruff Organic Hair Conditioner should be your pick. It is infused with amla, neem, almond milk, and vitamin E that penetrate the hair strands to moisturize it and treat dry hair. Oils, in general, are filled with fatty acids that guard the surface of your hair and condition it. Bhringraj present in our Orange, Lemongrass And Jojoba Ayurvedic Hair Conditioner prevents hair fall and treats baldness. It also strengthens the hair strands and prevents greying. All organic hair conditioners and shampoos consist of aroma naturally extracted from ayurvedic ingredients, including lemongrass, prohibiting chemicals or artificial fragrance.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Hair Conditioners-

  1. Prevents frizz: conditioners: Frizzy hair is not easy to manage; they give a dry, tangled, and bushy appearance that no one desires. Ayurvedic and organic hair conditioners prevent frizz by deep infusing hydration and nutrients in the scalp.
  2. Moisturizes to the core: Washing your hair can also strip away essential oils sometimes. Natural hair conditioners maintain the natural oils and also provide therapeutic nutrients infused in the product.
  3. Give shine and length: The botanical elements present in the hair conditioner provide extra nutrients and treat the scalp from deep inside, preventing hair fall. Essential proteins also give a shine to your hair.
  4. Repair damage: Elements like red onion, almond milk, and jojoba oil in natural hair conditioners repair damage by preventing the scalp from germs and direct sunlight. It also rejuvenates and replenishes the scalp giving your hair a smooth texture.