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Sheet masks have become widely popular and desired essential in the skincare industry. A Serum sheet mask is a thin face shaped cotton sheet, soaked in skin-benefiting serum, that act as a bolide and provides- 

  • Hydration
  • Moisturization
  • Brightening
  • Treatment and calming impacts 

These organic sheet masks are soaked in various serums containing active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts, etc. The serum sheet masks are divergent to peel off masks made of hydrogel containing concentrated active ingredients that need not be washed away. 

Ayurvedic serum sheet masks are a combination of 100% natural and organic ingredients free from all harmful chemicals like parabens, alcohol, fragrance, etc., and are safe for all skin types. It gives you an immediate boost of vitamins and minerals. Organic serum sheet mask believes in health and wellbeing for your skin, providing softer, vigorous, cleansed, and brightening skin. 

How do ayurvedic serum sheet masks work? 

Serum sheet masks are formulated with organic and herbal ingredients like ubtan, turmeric, gram flour (besan), aloe vera, charcoal, lemon, neem, tea tree, etc., which makes the masks full of nutrients. These masks prevent the ingredients from evaporating and let them penetrate deep into your skin. They provide a boost of hydration as the serum is soaked into your skin for a more extended period. 

There are several types of herbal serum sheet masks

Hydrating ayurvedic sheet masks

These types of ayurvedic and organic serum sheet masks target dry areas of your skin and give it proper and moisturized care. If you have dry skin, you can try our vitamin C, and E with a hyaluronic acid serum sheet mask is a perfect mask to attain that soft and firm skin. Hyaluronic acid seals in the moisture and the active ingredients (vitamin C and E) into the skin and unravels a hydrated and revitalizes the skin.

Brightening serum sheet masks

Sun and harsh environments usually take away our natural glow, making our skin tan and dull. Ingredients such as vitamin C, charcoal, neem, and green tea brighten the uneven skin tone and reduce acne and scars. Our ubtan ayurvedic serum sheet mask is enriched with turmeric, sandalwood, and saffron, allowing the skin to achieve that glowing and radiant skin. 

Acne control organic sheet masks 

Sensitive skin is haunted by allergens, dirt, and debris, which are the primary cause of several skin diseases. Detoxifying your skin helps to wipe out all contamination and harmful toxins from your skin. Charcoal fights off the impurities, and the tea tree helps in controlling sebum production. The combination of the two brings out clear pores and reduces irritation and inflammation in your sensitive skin.

Repair serum sheet masks

As you age, your skin demands repair and renovation. Aging skin, if not cared for properly, starts to look damaged and dull. A lot of skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots start troubling you as you hit your 30s, but if taken care of, we can delay the process. Our papaya sheet mask provides 3 levels of deep skin nourishment, intense hydration, and a lasting glow. Papaya alleviates the secretion of collagen, regulates pigmentation, cuts down wrinkles and fine lines, and prevents dark spots. Pomegranate and cherry ayurvedic serum sheet mask regenerate your skin, providing a fresh glow.