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Your skin requires constant care and attention. Exfoliating or cleansing your face with face scrubs is the foremost important thing you need to follow religiously. If you forget about your face for a day or two, you’ll get notified by pimples, clogged pores, dead and tedious skin. Scrubbing your face once or twice a week (depending on your skin’s resilience) can prevent pores from clogging and boost blood circulation. Did you know your cell regeneration is a continuous process and works diligently under the skin’s surface? This means your skin sheds more often, creating a pile of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells contaminate the skin’s surface making the skin dull and inflamed. Face scrubs penetrate deep inside your skin follicles and dig out all the residue making your skin flawless.

Benefits of face scrubs or exfoliators:

  1.     Regenerate the skin cells and blood circulation making the skin soft and radiant.
  2.     Invigorate collagen synthesis that helps in the skin’s elasticity.
  3.     Gives an even skin tone by battling with suntan and dark spots
  4.   Support other skincare items to penetrate profoundly and decisively.
  5.   Flush out clogged pores which is the dominant cause of acne, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Ayurvedic face scrubs work similarly but give extra credit for the safety and medicinal effect. Unlike soaps and washes, facial scrubs have smaller chemical particles that cleanse the dead cells and provide space to form a new one.

Exfoliating from a cruelty-free organic face scrub lessens the possibility of side effects as if it is curated from natural ingredients and is not at all harsh on your skin. Many face scrubs in the market have thick beads that are cruel to the skin and have barbarous results. The organic face scrub is formulated by bringing 100% natural ingredients like aloe vera, walnut, peach, saffron, fruit extracts, neem, multani mitti, etc. This amalgamation stimulates the underlying tissues and cells of the skin and clears acne and blemishes. Our aloe vera, rice bran, and walnut fine face scrub and cleanser are made from organic ingredients that aim to clear pores and make skin soft, smooth, and clean. Aloe vera helps to mitigate the redness due to sunburn, fights to age, and battles free radicals and infectious germs, making it the best scrub for oily skin individuals. Rice bran oil, however, prevents signs of premature ageing, softens and smoothes the skin, and supports inhibiting melanin production. Walnut present in the face scrub is an excellent antioxidant that prevents breakouts and brightens the complexion.