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Whether you have oily, dry, combination or acne-prone skin, hydration is a necessity. Our skin has a natural hydration system which works through ceramides. Ceramides are lipids made of fatty acids that provide natural hydration to our skin. But as we age, the ceramides decrease, making the skin dry, itchy with wrinkles. Hence, it becomes an urgent need of the skin to acquire an external dose of hydration. When the skin is dehydrated,the natural protective barrier is weakened, leading to collagen and elastin breakdown.

Face mizzles are hydrating skincare essential that gives your face an invigorating freshness. Face mizzles can be used for multiple purposes- 

  • Before makeup as a base for even layering
  • After makeup as a setting spray 
  • Any time of the day to refresh the skin
  • As a serum to get nourishment
  • For long-lasting hydration

Ayurvedic Face mizzles are enriched with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and hydrating properties. It is a versatile skincare essential that is suitable for all skin types. It replenishes dryness of the skin, brightens the dull complexion, and fights inflammation.

Ayurvedic face mizzles is the amalgamation of organic ingredients formulated with simple, unpretentious yet modern beauty rituals that provide healthy wellbeing. 

How face mizzles online end up refreshing your skin? 

  1. It improves skin’s elasticity
  2. Shields from allergens and environmental irritants 
  3. Replenishes the skin
  4. Battles wrinkles and fine lines 
  5. Combats extra sebum production
  6. Flush out toxins and germs 
  7. Brighten the complexion 

Khadi Essentials’ face mizzles are combined with natural organic ingredients that provide hydration, proper absorption of various skincare treatments, smooth application of makeup, unclog the pores and give the skin a natural, radiant glow. Organic face mizzles are formulated with 100% natural vegan ingredients and purified water that provide extra hydration and freshness. They are free from allergens, parabens, and chemicals. The ingredients present in face mizzles target different skin issues. For example, our Roman Chamomile and Lemon Oil Face Mist refreshes the skin, reduces puffiness, and improves complexion. Chamomile is a stress-relieving herb that reduces blemishes, tightens pores, and reduces redness. This organic face mizzle is best suited for sensitive skin type as it relieves inflammation and reduces DNA damage caused by sun exposure. Lemon oil has natural antioxidants that battle with ageing signs. Rose extracts present in our refreshing pure rose oil and purified water face mist serve irresistible radiance and strikingly ageless glow. Rose is a prominent ingredient in many face mizzles in India due to its anti-inflammatory properties that soothe redness and irritation. Just one spritz will rehydrate the skin in seconds, making it alive. The therapeutic aroma present in ayurvedic face mizzles creates a calming reverie for your brain.