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Ayurveda and ayurvedic techniques are popular in India and are exploring avenues overall the world. Although there are many skincare techniques available in the market, Ayurveda has moved its way to the top with its natural ingredients and herbal treatment. 

When it is bottled down to an ayurvedic skincare routine, face cleansers play a considerable role.  The goal of an ayurvedic face cleanser is to remove dirt, oil, or any residue of pollution, makeup etc. on your skin. Cleansers also clear the clogged pores without stripping away its natural oils. Khadi essential face cleansers are not harsh on the skin and sustain the natural skin oils. You might be wondering how oils can be good for the skin? Our skin surface has sebaceous glands present which secretes sebum and natural oil to shield the skin from the harsh external environment and free radicals. Harsh face cleansers can sometimes wipe away all the essential natural oils from your skin, making it dry, rough, and wrinkled.

Potential of face cleansers

Imagine yourself travelling all day in harsh heat and pollution. The skin will start to feel blotchy, dull, and heavy. You cannot negotiate with the heat and dirt, but you can take care of your skin by deep cleansing and wiping out aggressive germs. These germs and pollutants contribute to make your skin dry and irritated. Without proper care, it can lead to breakouts and ageing. When used regularly, face cleansers maintain the pH level of your skin and give you a radiant and healthy outcome. It also prevents excess sebum production and maintains vital hydration of the skin. Face cleansers are used in the morning and evening skincare routines to get complete results. Cleaning it properly will remove all the leftovers and excess oil, giving you fresh skin. 

Khadi essentials face cleansers are packed with neem, tulsi, tea tree, lemongrass, etc. Our neem, tulsi, and tea tree cleanser is the best face wash for oily skin. With an ideal blend of neem and tulsi,  this ayurvedic face cleanser provides freshness and smooths the skin. Tea tree oil present in the organic face cleanser treats acne and clams down the redness. The activated bamboo charcoal and lemongrass face cleanser is the best face wash for men. It deeply cleanses and removes all the toxins from your face and maintains the moisture needed for the skin to recuperate. Lemongrass and Multani Mitti purifies and calms the skin, making it the best face cleanser for women with oily and sensitive skin.

Remember to evaluate the ingredients labelled on the face cleansers to avoid any skin irritation and reaction. Also, be very gentle when you massage your face with the face cleanser to prevent rashes.