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Ancient Ayurveda always advised sanitizing our hands after entering the home from outside, before eating, after using the washroom, after sneezing or coughing and even after shaking hands. Sometimes we miss out on following these instructions religiously but little did we know that sanitizing would become an essential part of our lives. Hand sanitizers are one of the highest bought products during this global pandemic of Coronavirus. You’ll find a plethora of hand sanitizers online depending on fragrance, colour, and size. Covid-19 has created a dystopian world where there is a constant need for sanitizers and face masks. If you have hand sanitizers near you, you can use them and instantly kill all the germs present in your hand. They are the germ fighter that protects from spreading germs to ourselves and your loved ones. We constantly use our hands in our daily life; allergens and toxins present can pass through your eyes, nose, mouth, and even skin to damage your insights. 

How do ayurvedic hand sanitizers work? 

Formulated with pure and organic ingredients Khadi Essentials natural hand sanitizers provides 99.99% germs protection without drying the hands. It is the safest option to clean your hands when you cannot wash your hands, with soap and water. A gel consistency sanitizer contains alcohol that damages the toxic germs and instantly kills bacteria and most viruses. Alcohol can be drying, making your skin irritated at times. Ayurvedic hand sanitizers give you extra benefit with organic ingredients like Neem, Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Glycerine etc., that also moisturizes your hands. Our pure and safe multi-purpose hand sanitizer comes in a 1-litre pack and can properly sanitize the surface with its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Neem and Tulsi present in our ayurvedic hand sanitizer provide a refreshing and soothing aroma with maximum protection against viruses and bacteria. 

According to CDC, hand sanitizers are not a dupe to water and soap. They do protect you extensively but work best when teamed up with diligent hand washing. 

Benefits of natural hand sanitizers 

  1. Instantly kills/damages 99% of the microorganisms from your hands.
  2. More accessible and portable than the soap and water.
  3. Ideal for a group/ crowd setting as the transmission of germs paces quickly.
  4. Due to less exposure to germs, it reduces the risk of getting an infection or diseases.
  5. Natural hand sanitizer provides clean, hygienic and softer hands.
  6. Promotes good hygiene and health 
  7. With limited use of wet wipes or tissues, it  also reduces the paper wastage.