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Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing, is a practice which stresses heavily on complete, holistic wellness for the mind, body, and soul. The House of Khadi Essentials adopts this practice into creating our products, which don’t just promote luxury and care for the body, but foster the mind too. Our collection of body cleansers are made with the greatest ingredients that treat you to only the best, nothing less.

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Our Rati and Ratinaath Body Cleanser, named after the Indian Gods of Beauty and Desire, is a powerful mix of lavender, ylang ylang and neroli that brings out your heavenly divinity. This exotic potion is extremely hydrating and helps brighten and even out your skin tone, along with maintaining elasticity. Lavender and ylang ylang also have antidepressant qualities that help elevate your mood and produce therapeutic effects on your mind, while neroli oil is fantastic for regenerating skin cells and maintaining youthful skin.

Our Phuhaar Mixed Herbs & Spices Body Cleanser is reminiscent of the first drops of rain on the parched Earth – it’s everything your skin needs, and much more. This aromatherapeutic concoction consisting of a myriad of herbs and spices like cedarwood, basil, cardamon, and cinnamon helps tone, soften, and heal the skin. This potent mixture has pH balancing properties that nourish the skin from deep within, with sandalwood helping give you a radiant golden glow, and cinnamon and basil acting as anti-breakout agents that remove excess oil as well.

Rasik is our Fresh Blueberry and Mulberry Body Cleanser that bestows ageless, enchanting beauty upon you. This antioxidant-loaded mixture leaves your skin youthful and sprightly. Blueberries help increase your blood circulation and help product collagen, completely rejuvenating the skin, while mulberry unclogs pores and detoxifies the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant.

Come, immerse yourself in pure luxury with The House of Khadi Essentials!