Pamper Your Hair with these Amazing Fruits


This world that we live in is a beguiling place, and so are the resources it offers. One such intriguing resource is organic fruit! Ayurveda has introduced us to the concept of going natural and using all things organic.

It isn’t a piece of news that ayurvedic recipes have numerous beneficial qualities for humans – be it health or beauty. Two such amazing ingredients are Coconut milk and Kokum! These two have astonishing benefits for your hair. How did you wonder? Well here’s how they’re good for your hair and here’s how you can benefit from them.

Coconut Milk

You can use coconut for different intentions. Be it hair growth, hair fall, greying of hair or anything else you could think of, it has got your back. Coconut milk can be used as a shampoo and is a fabulous hair conditioner.

Here’re a few ways to use coconut milk for your hair:

For hair growth, we recommend you to apply coconut milk directly to your hair, scalp to tips and leave on for half an hour. Wash it off with our Khadi Essentials Coconut Milk and Kokum Hair Cleanser for best results.
Coconut milk contains Vitamin C which helps in darkening hair. To get rid of grey hair, apply coconut milk mixed with Khadi Essentials Neem, Tea Tree & Basil + Vitamin E hair oil and wash post one hour of an application using cold to lukewarm water.
For hair conditioning, wash your hair with our Khadi Essentials Coconut Milk and Kokum Hair Cleanser. Post hair washes, you can use plain coconut milk as a hair conditioner. Rub a little coconut milk in your palms and run through your hair. Massage it gently into your hair. This serves as a leave-in conditioner cum serum for your hair.


Kokum butter works nothing less than magic for dry and damaged hair. It oxygenates your scalp, thus, helping the scalp to regain optimum moisture. It also strengthens your follicles and roots.


It can be mixed with coconut oil and used as a hair conditioner, or;
It can be applied directly to hair, as it is non-greasy and has conditioning properties
Try out these methods along with our Coconut Milk & Kokum Hair Cleanser for optimum results.

If you’re wondering how to obtain coconut milk & kokum, here’s a quick guide for you –

Take a small cup of shredded coconut and put it in a blender. Simultaneously, keep water to boil. Once the water comes to a boil, pour it into the blender and blend the two until you get a creamy mixture. Strain thoroughly and store the coconut milk in a clean and dry container, preferably a glass jar.
Kokum is found in its raw form in the tropical forests of southern India. You can very easily order kokum online or find it at your nearest organic store.
Do try these hacks and share your experience with us at Khadi Essentials.

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