Organic Colours for Safe Holi

Organic Colours by Khadi Essentials

What is the importance of colours in our life?.

India is the land of rich ethnicity, traditions and cultures. We are proud to be called the only country with people from multiple religions, caste, and creed living together. Out of many festivals we celebrate, the one which adds colours to our mundane, busy life and welcomes the joy of Spring is Holi.

This year, we must take the initiative of using  Organic Holi Colours. Breaking the conventional practice of using Artificial Colours, let us pave the path for safer and healthier ways of celebrating this festival of Colours. Let us discuss why we need to carve out this unique method and how this is going to help everyone.  

Playing Holi and Playing Safe Holi has a thin line of difference (which is quite prominently visible from a naked eye). Apart from the unethical and heinous acts behind this pious play of colours, these tarnishing elements in these colours are utterly harmful to our skin.  

Holi colours are prepared from pigments that do not belong to natural grade and they cause various skin infections. Dermatologists have recommended that playing artificial Holi Color has increased 45% chances of corroding your skin quality.  

During ancient times, Holi colours were made naturally from herbs and flowers. People used to understand the essence of making Natural Colours for Holi, learning from our ancient roots of Ayurveda. Following our indigenous Ayurvedic Science and Practice, it is time to appreciate the Eco-Friendly Colours and follow the same practice this year.  

These natural Gulaal are delicately made from food-grade materials and are infused with essential oils. Could you ever imagine that the Corn Flour, Rice Powder which Amma used, to prepare food, can be used as colours? Shocking right, but it is true.  

These colours are pet friendly and assured, they come with full assurance of protecting your delicate skin from harsh chemicals. They are easy to remove and they do not leave permanent stains on your skin. It assures a smooth feeling to your softer skin and does not pose damage to your silky, shiny hair. The essential oils which are added provide an aromatic fragrance to the colours.  

At Khadi Essentials, we have harnessed these Organic Holi Colours to assure you the best experience of Holi, with your loved ones.  

Let’s spread Colours and celebrate the festival of Colours with these vibrant natural Colours and ensure a Safe Holi this year.  

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