Buy Organic Colour for Holi; Read Why Organic Colours are important

Holi Celebration in India

Holi is one of the Hindu Festivals celebrated in March, rejoicing the onset of Spring. Not just in India, Holi is celebrated in different parts of the world. At this festival, friends and family come together and apply color to each other. They play with colors and coloured water, splashing over one another. For this reason, Holi is also known as, “Festival of Colours”. Here we will discuss the need for Organic Colours, this Holi over the harmful chemicals used every year.

The colours which we use while playing Holi are the toxic chemicals that have become easily accessible to everyone. When you walk out for the Holi shopping, you find these colours decked up in bowls near the streets. These colours are cheap and made locally with skin degrading chemicals. With convenience and availability, people have started using these colors. 

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During ancient times, people used to prepare these colours indigenously from colourful petals, essential oils, herbs, etc. These are the food-grade materials that do not pose any threat to our health. Based on the colour you need, you can extract that particular colour from the herb, petals, or organic powders. 

These natural ingredients do not tarnish or affect the skin, instead were found to be safe, Unlike the artificial ones, where it raises concerns over rashes, redness, and other effects.

Such colours are most sensitive to the skin of the younger population. In the case of organic colours, it is easy to remove from the skin. And it does not pose any environmental threat or issues. 

Chemical made Holi Colours 
Chemical made Holi Colours

Usage of Organic Colours also minimizes hair damage. On the other hand, artificial colours may enter the scalp and damage your hair. 

Remember when you were unprepared for the Holi attack. The moment you turned around; you found the colour in your eye. Most people do not know that Artificial chemical-based Holi contains harmful chemicals and Silica in such variants.

Silica is the same constituent available in sand, which irritates your eyes during windstorms; imagine a handful of them scrubs on your pupil. Blind, already, right? Using organic colours for holi is the best option in providing less harm to your eyes as the constituents are herbal in origin. 

Using Artificial Colours on animals and birds may increase the threat to their living and safety. Eventually, they affect the related ecosystem and its trophic levels. 

Celebrating a festival at the expense of environmental ethics is not sensible when you can control the faster depletion every day. Looking after the benefits of organic color for holi, we can infer that introducing organic colours should be the new trend this Holi 2021.   

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