Lockdown 5.0 – Take Precautions, No Time Yet To Let The Guard Down



For a lot of us who are tired of sitting at home & not being able to go to work, due to Covid-19; there is good news in form of Lockdown 5.0 also known as Unlock 1.0. New guidelines from the government attempt to bring normalcy back to life, work, and businesses in the country. According to the new guidelines issued, starting 8th June; if you do not live in a containment zone, you will be able to visit restaurants and shopping malls which are now being opened up. Hotels and religious places will also be opened up to the public at large. Among other major developments, interstate travel has been permitted.  One does not need a pass to travel from one state to the another. However, a caveat has been added; state governments can restrict, seal the borders, or regulate the movement.

Lockdown 5.0 has three phases. The first phase being implemented from the 8th of June as stated above, and in the second phase of the lockdown 5.0, the government is targeting opening schools and colleges. However, state and union territories have been asked to come up with strategies regarding the opening of schools and colleges. If things go well, students in certain states can expect to be back in their school and colleges from July onwards.

In phase 3 of the Lockdown 5.0, the government will try to open Metro, Movie Halls and Gyms. Detailed guideline for this phase will be released later.

Take Precautions! It’s not time to let the guard down yet!

Lockdown 5.0 has opened our lives, and this will encourage people to go out and mingle. However, it should not be lost on us that though India is now open, but, Coronavirus danger has not abated. Cases are increasing daily and so are deaths, hence it is important that we carry on with our precautions and do not let our guards down.  Here are some tips for you to keep yourself safe:

  1. Social distancing: Please keep on following social distancing norms. Avoid going to crowded markets and in case, for some unavoidable reason, you need to step out make sure that adequate distance is always maintained. If you are stepping out to buy something and that product is available online or can be delivered at your home by a neighborhood shop, you may opt for that option.
  2. Use mask: If you are stepping outside make sure that you are wearing your mask. Coronavirus is a protein particle which can travel through at least 6 feet. A person who has been infected by coronavirus can transmit the virus to another person by coughing, sneezing, handshake or etc. This makes our mask an effective shield against this kind of transmission. We recommend our KEN95 masks for your protection against coronavirus. These masks give better protection and once worn you can be assured of your safety.
  3. Prefer outdoor seating option: In case you are visiting a restaurant or a café, prefer outdoor seating option. Sitting inside in an air-conditioned environment can pose a risk of infection.
  4. Always carry hand-sanitizer: The best sanitizers to use for prevention against coronavirus are alcohol-based sanitizers. An alcohol-based sanitizer is very effective to kill microbes, bacteria, and viruses. It is recommended that your sanitizer should contain at least 65% alcohol. In case you are looking for enhanced safety you can use our “Pure and Safe “- 70% alcohol-based sanitizer. Keep hand sanitizer with you always in your bag or a pocket. Do not hesitate to use it on a regular basis especially when you are outside and are prone to touching surfaces which might be infected.
  5. Use cashless payment methods: Try to minimize handling cash as much as possible. While exchanging cash, an infection can also change hands. Use online wallets or UPI, even when shopping offline.
  6. Use Aarogya Setu App: This is an excellent shield for you against our fight against coronavirus. This allows contact tracing and forewarns you for any possibility of you getting infected.
  7. Boost your immune system:

Here are some immunity boosters’ tips for you:

  • Drink warm water throughout the day
  • Daily practice yogasanas
  • Consume spices like Haldi, jeera and garlic in your cooking
  • Consume Chawanprash
  • Drink herbal tea made from tulsi, lemon juice, dry ginger
  • Drink golden milk – mix ½ spoon Haldi in 1 glass of milk


Covid-19 might not have a cure yet but we can always do our best to prevent it. Let us keep our belief going. We can defeat this virus together and the first step is by keeping ourselves safe. So, go ahead and enjoy the normalcy but alongside be cognizant of the necessary precautions.

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