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Grey Hair is inevitable, but how long to avoid it is in your hands. Due to erratic weather and unhealthy lifestyle, most teenagers and people in mid-20s witness few white strands. We spend years to find the perfect solution for how to reduce grey hair but are unable to. Apart from keeping a close eye on chemicals in hair care products, you also need to consider some special oils for grey hair.

Why do we get grey hair?

Like skin, hair produces melanin, a dark brown or black pigment responsible for natural grey hair. As we age, the melanin production reduces, and hence we witness grey strands. Other than age, additional factors play a role in premature greying—Stress, Diet, Hormones, chemicals, and weather. These factors damage the stem cells that control your hair’s pigment and multiply the premature greying of hairs.

Ayurveda is an inclusive system of wellbeing, designed 10,000 years ago. The holistic products based on this ritualistic practice reverse the premature greying by pacifying the excess pitta and bringing your ayurvedic grey hair into balance. Ayurvedic and 100% organic oils for grey hair nourish the scalp, remove dryness, reduce hair fall, and prevent greying.

How to reduce grey hair?

1. Amla & Methi: The nutrient-rich power boosters Amla & Methi are two potent ingredients that solve all your hair woes. Amla is rich in vitamin C & antioxidants that prevent natural grey hair but also make them healthy & shining. Methi or Fenugreek is the perfect oil for grey hair. Rich in potassium, amino acids, iron, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, Methi repairs hair damage, reverses ayurvedic grey hair, and promotes shiner softer locks.

2. Curry leaves & Coconut oil: Packed with B vitamins and antioxidants, curry leaves delay natural greying of hairs and shield the delicate locks from their foes. The goodness of Coconut in this potent hair tonic makes it an ideal oil for grey hair. The moisturizing benefits of coconut and invigorating hair benefits of curry leaves restore melanin production and reveal healthy black locks.

3. Shikakai & Bhringraj: These two herbs are the prominent find from the world of Ayurveda. The concoction of Shikakai & Bhringraj forms a special hair oil and reduces the damage caused by free radicals. Commonly known as fruit for the Hair, Shikakai is your go-to ingredient if you are wondering How to reduce grey hair. Bhringraj and Shikakai support your mane with excellent antioxidant properties, retain melanin, and provide strength to your weakened locks.

4. Red Onion & Castor oil: Another excellent DIY for premature greying of hairs, Onion Juice & Castor Oil, upsurges catalase, an enzyme that naturally promotes hair darkening. Rich in antioxidants & Omega-3 fatty acids, the potent ayurvedic grey hair oil retains its pigment, revitalizes dry, brittle hair, quells dandruff, and promotes hair growth.

5. Olive oil & hibiscus: Olive oil is a veteran hair ingredient used as a foe to greying, hair fall, and brittle ends. The bright & beautiful flower Hibiscus oil prevents premature greying by producing melanin and nourishing the roots. This nutrient-rich oil for grey hair improves blood circulation and also prevents baldness.

Can simple lifestyle changes reverse natural grey hair?

Apart from Ayurvedic grey hair oil, there are many lifestyle changes as a solution for grey hair—

1. Consume enough Vitamins: If you are wondering how to reduce grey hair, Vitamins are your solution. Be it food, supplement, or topical products, Vitamins (Vitamin D, E, A, B-12) maintain the healthy wellbeing of your hair.

2. Don’t forget minerals: Although several herbal hairs oils are infused with botanicals rich in minerals, incorporating Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium & Copper in your diet promotes melanin and repairs hair damage.

3. Biotin is the hair elixir: Several researches prove deficiency of biotin leads to premature greying, and intaking of biotin supplements or ingredients like sweet potato can help in thicker and stronger Hair.

4. Avoid unhealthy practices: Smoking is one of the primary reasons that contribute to premature greying. If you want to get rid of premature greying of hairs, try to avoid unhealthy practices that could damage your hair and impact your health.

A seamless hair care routine for arresting grey hair-

Natural hair care for premature greying of hairs

Khadi Essentials offers a ritualistic range of herb-based hair care products formulated with impeccably traced, therapeutic botanicals with unique benefits that compliment your hair. Ayurvedic hair oils give your hair luxurious overnight conditioning that tackles hair vandals and solves all your hair woes.

Premature greying of hairs

The extraordinary Marmik Oil for natural grey hair, which is is a blend of Methi (Fenugreek), Neem, Basil, Tea Tree, and Vitamin E, strengthens the shaft, prevents hair loss and produces melanin. Overnight massage with the potent elixir eliminates frizz and tames unruly hair. It acts as a protective treatment before shampoo while deeply nourishing and bringing hair back to life. Free from toxins and chemicals, the 100% pure and organic oil for premature greying of hairs is a thick formula dedicated to repairing broken bonds in strands to prevent further damage. If you hate greasy feelings, Marmik Oil is your go-to product. Its light-weight yet deeply nourishing formula nurses your hair back to its best state. Hair massage with herbal oils is a treatment for nourished hair that hails from ayurvedic practices. Oiling nightly provides maximum benefits.

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