How to celebrate Holi amidst COVID-19 Pandemic?

Holi Colours

India is a land of festivals and Holi is one of the largest celebrations observed in the country. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Considering the Pandemic situation, this COVID-19 Holi will have certain guidelines and precautions to follow, with your loved ones.

Analysing the COVID-19 situation and the intimacy of the celebration, it is necessary to take care of certain pointers, before you set up for the fun. But apart from the COVID-19 alert, let’s discuss, “Is it safe to play Holi?”

The reason for such a question draws relevance with respect to the usage of artificial colors for holi. During ancient times, when chemicals were not available, people used to prepare the colors with the help of food-grade materials, natural petals, flowers, and essential oils.

These organic colors for holi are inert to our skin. As time flew, people started switching to easily-accessible artificial colors because it was quite cheap, and the trend of making organic colors diminished. 

The year 2020 made us realize the importance of health. Using these artificial colors have a lot of side effects, notably on our hair and skin. And if these colors make their way into the body, it may pose serious threats.

Considering the fear of the new strain of the COVID-19 virus and the harmful effects of these artificial colors, let’s discuss some tailor-made points upon which we need to follow, to keep our Holi safe and happy. 

Before you enter into the community area where everyone has come out of their houses to enjoy, make sure no person with flu-like symptoms such as cold or fever is present in the crowd. Staying with upgraded health consciousness, try to play with dry colours cold water may induce flu-like symptoms in your body. 

Cover your hair with any scarf or else tie them up. Before you leave for celebration, oil your hair, scalp till throughout the length. This is the most effective technique of removing the colour from the hair.  

After the celebration is completed, wash your hair with a shampoo made of organic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals. Your post holi treatment must be effective to maintain silky and shiny hair. 

COVID-19 protection while celebrating Holi 2021
COVID-19 protection while celebrating Holi 2021


Make sure you maintain a safe distance from people.

As reported, the COVID-19 virus transmits upon touching the infected surface, so don’t bring your infected hands close to your mouth, eyes, or nose. Hence using the same plates of desserts, glasses which are used by someone else must not be followed. Before and after taking food, wash your hands thoroughly.

Just like your hair, you must pay extra care for your skin too. Wear full sleeves clothes instead of half sleeves. If at all you don’t have a full sleeve, use organic-based skin cream that helps in easing off the color that sits on your skin. Also, washing off your hands would minimize any risks of the virus. 

Wear those cool sunglasses and let your eyes relax from the scorching sunlight. Take some fresh cotton and slightly press it into your ears so that the color does not enter into it.

To minimize the ingestion of any foreign virus into your body, make sure you keep your mouth closed when someone smears the color on your face. After the celebration is over, you can take a bath and moisturize your skin, bringing an effective post-Holi treatment to your body. 

But the risk of bringing your skin to the exposure of artificial colors will eventually affect the texture and quality of the same. Hence switch to organic colors for holi which are made up of natural flowers, food-grade materials, and colors, with added essential oils to bring the fragrance and aroma. 

Let this Holi be an example of our dedication towards the fight against the evil virus and bring an eventual end to it. 

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