Handmade Natural Soaps for Suitable Skin Types


Each of one us is bestowed with unique skin properties. Broadly there are three skin types – Oily, Dry & Sensitive. Unfortunately, many of us are not even aware of what our skin type is. Not knowing the skin type leads to buying of wrong skincare products and at the end products are blamed if they do not perform. Hence my advice is to get to know your skin type and once it is done, it will go a long way in making your skincare regimen more effective. Once you have known your skin type, start with choosing a soap that is suitable for your skin type. Yes, you heard it right, companies like Khadi Essentials have soaps that are specifically designed for different skin types. 

Oily skin: Skin is oily due to the overproduction of sebum from the sebum glands. There can be various reasons why our sebaceous glands might be overproducing sebum. The factors can be hormonal change, parental genes, mental stress, or even change in climatic conditions. Ways you can identify that you have oily skin is if you see the shiny appearance on the face, have large and clogged pores, have pimples and acne and your skin feels a little greasy on touching.

When it comes to choosing the right soap for oily skin; do not worry we have got you covered with our KAYA Pure Rose, Watermelon & Butter Gentle Exfoliation Handmade Natural Loofah Soap. Filled with the goodness of pure rose, watermelon, honey, and shea butter; this bath bar will leave your skin flawless and healthy. This bath bar helps to gently exfoliate your skin that helps to unclog your pores and results in youthful glowing skin. Filled with the pure rose, this bath bar helps to maintain the PH balance of your skin. This bath bar not only helps to control the excess amount of oil but also at the same time helps to retain the perfect amount of moisture in the skin. 



Dry skin: Dry skin can be a very uncomfortable condition. The common symptoms of dry skin are itchiness, scaly skin & cracking of the skin.   The reasons for dry skin can be changes in the climate, using too hot water, a decrease in the production of sebum, or genetic reasons. 

If you have dry skin use our RASIK Avocado, Almond Milk & Mixed Fruit with Kokum Butter Refreshing Handmade Soap. It’s filled with the goodness of mixed fruit, avocado, almond milk, shea butter, and burnt sugar.

This bath bar will leave your skin subtle and hydrated. Filled with almond milk and shea butter, this bath bar is designed to infuse skin with moisture and hydrate it. This bath bar is the perfect way to retain the natural moisture of your skin.



Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is prone to itching and irritation. The few reasons for sensitive skin can be parental genes, allergies, and environmental change. Few symptoms of sensitive skin are reactive skin, redness, dry skin, development of rashes, prone to breakouts and excessive sunburn 

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend using our  KAMDHENU Pure Cow Ghee, Burnt Sugar & Coconut Milk Delicate Handmade Soap. It is filled with the goodness of desi cow ghee, shea butter, goat milk, kokum, and coconut milk. Goat milk and Coconut milk in this bath bar brings radiance and glow to the skin. Cow ghee in this bath bar will help you to restore the natural moisture of your skin. Shea butter in this bath bar will leave your skin deeply nourished and kokum present in this will help to remove any dead skin or flaky skin. 


Hence next time when making a choice or soap, just hold on for a while and make an informed choice. Never forget that we at Khadi Essentials will always have a product suitable for your skin. 

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