haldi and chandan

Ever wondered why your Grandma has been passing down that unparalleled ‘Haldi Chandan’ beauty advice generation after generation? Well, it is believed that the knowledge about the sublime benefits of Haldi Chandan descended straight from the heavens. We should be thankful to the scholars who incorporated it in Ayurveda – The Knowledge of Life!

Today, we know the priceless secrets to utterly glowing skin and we have been implementing those in various organic skin care products. Here’s a little insight as to how Haldi and Chandan can enhance your divine beauty with a golden glow and how have we embodied them in our Turmeric, Pure Sandal and Castor Butter Purifying Bath Bar – Swarnim.

Clearer Looking Skin

If you are constantly troubled by acne, pigmentation, scars, and marks, then Haldi & Chandan are your rescuers. The beneficial anti-inflammatory properties in Haldi and Chandan can help you get clearer skin.

You can also try making a face mask for yourself mixing Chandan, Haldi and lime juice. Apply to your face and leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. You can also use our Haldi Chandan bath bar to give your skin the pampering it needs!


If you have tanned skin or if you’re exposed to the sun on a frequent basis, then you should use Haldi and Chandan. Mix Haldi with a tablespoon of milk and juice of half a lime. Mix well and apply to face till it completely dries, then rinses well.

Chandan and Haldi act as a natural sunscreen and keep tanning at bay. Our organic Haldi and Chandan bath bar can be an added hand of help.

Tight Skin

Swarnim bath bar will firm your skin. Chandan acts as a natural astringent thus helping in keeping the skin taut. It reduces the size of your pores and makes your complexion look clearer.

You can also try mixing Haldi and Chandan with honey and a few drops of lime. Apply to face and wash off after 20-30 minutes.


Regular use of Chandan and Haldi is proven to cure a range of skin problems, ageing being one of them. Mix Haldi with yogurt and apply to your face. While you do so, move your hands in circular and upwards motion for best results.

Using Haldi and Chandan consistently can slow down ageing, Swarnim bath bar is optimal for daily use,  made with organic love.


Keep your skin soft and smooth with constant use of Haldi and Chandan. Mix Haldi and Chandan with rose water and apply to your face, and also neck if needed. Doing this twice to thrice a week will prove wonders for your skin.
You can also use our natural Haldi Chandan bath bar with turmeric oil that doesn’t steal moisture away from your skin.

Everyone treasures healthy and fresh skin, own your share with Khadi Essentials.

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