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Winters mark a profoundly joyous time of the year. Festive spirit hangs thick in the air and happiness visibly emanates from faces clad even underneath layers of winter wear. But those who diligently follow hair and skin care routines are acutely aware of the many perils winter also poses! Let us show you how organic skin and hair care products can help stem the tide of steadily drying skin and winter wear and tear.

The arid winter weather can cause the skin to become dry, itchy, inflamed and easily broken. Even your hair is under attack by these frigid conditions, losing moisture and becoming easier to break, resulting in hair loss and weakening of strands. Thus, it is fair to say that hair and skin care becomes exponentially important during the winters.

Our Wonderful Winter Guide

Wary of ashy skin and the smallest of touches leaving long white scratches on your skin? Our 100% organic skin and hair care products can effectively put an end to it all! Here’s how.

Maintain Moisture

Indoor environments can be equally as disagreeable to your skin as the great outdoors! Use humidifiers in your home to maintain a comfortable level of moisture.

Regulate Showers

This may sound contradictory to typical hair and skin care, but long steaming showers seem to do more harm than good during winters – causing redness of skin and weakening hair strands. Instead, opt for moderate temperatures and shorter showers to prevent drying of your skin.

Say No To Soap

Even during the summers, excessive soap use can lead to dry skin and irritation. This winter makes sure to switch to all organic skin care products such as essential oils. Here are some types of essential oils that have shown great results

Tea Tree

Tea tree essential oil offers a trifecta of advantages. They are antibacterial and help kill germs and harmful bacteria on the skin. It contains terpinen-4-ol, which is highly anti-inflammatory in nature. Additionally, tea tree is also antifungal in nature.


Besides an extremely pleasing aroma, rose oil treats chapping, prevents infections and tightens the skin! It also helps quickly dissipate scars left behind from acne, boils, and dry skin, making it a perfect organic skin care product for the coming winter.

Lip Care

Khadi Essential offers an incredible range of organic skin care products to keep those lips juicy and full.

Wild Rose

Not only extremely delicious and fragrant,  the wild rose lip balm is also rich in Vitamin A, antioxidant properties of which are effective at fighting signs of aging, and rich in Vitamin E, which moisturizes skin, reduces inflammation and prevents sunburn.

Wine Grapefruit

The soft buttery texture of this lip balm is accentuated by a fragrant aroma of grapefruit and a hintful, lingering essence of wine to enhance your senses and leave your lips with a pink glossy shine!

Choose Fabrics Wisely

Certain fabrics such as wool cause a lot of heat and invariably lead to rashes on the skin. Understandably these are a great many options for warding off the winter chill, but it is advisable to include a layer of organic/ natural clothing, to prevent direct contact of the fabric with your skin.

Hair Care

In our final section of the best natural hair and skin care guide, we will take a look at organic shampoos and conditioners.


The Khadi Essentials organic conditioners contain some brilliant ingredients such as milk protein, known to stimulate hair growth, and almond oil, which contains omega fatty acids 3 & 6, promoting blood flow and as a result, hair growth. This shampoo is also incredibly effective at fighting dandruff and hair fall, common problems during winters.


Packed with kokum and coconut oil, this best natural shampoo reaches deep into follicles and stimulates hair growth, while fighting dry scalp and dandruff!
A final tip: Stay hydrated this winter, be sure to drink tons of water for fair, glowing and moisturized skin!

We’ve given you a means of combating dry winter skin with all organic hair and skin products. You can find our wonderful product of organic skin care products at the Khadi Essentials website.

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