Ayurveda: World’s most Ancient & Holistic Medical Practice


Dating back to as early as 6,000 BCE, Ayurveda and its associated practices continue to positively influence the lives of millions. Carving a path for holistic medicine everywhere, Ayurveda makes use of naturally found herbs and ingredients to align the natural energies found within each of us.

Unlike traditional medicines which treat symptoms, Ayurveda takes a comprehensive, natural approach to wellness, treating the body as a whole and getting to the root of the matter at hand. Comprising of Ayu or ‘life’ and Veda or ‘knowledge’, Ayurveda literally translates to ‘knowledge of life’ and aptly so!

In Ayurveda, practitioners deal with three ‘doshas’, the fundamental tenets of Ayurvedic practice. These doshas represent the elemental energies which create and nourish life. The doshas are namely:


The Vata dosha is signified by a primal focus on the elements of air and space. People who fall majorly under vata are marked by a decisive recklessness, categorized by movement and agility. Vata skin type presents itself as dry and rough, highly susceptible to the itchy and ashy skin. It is important for such people to pay careful attention to hair and skin care that makes use of heavy duty, albeit natural moisturizers.

Much like their personality, the vata body type is in a constant state of flux, appetites, and moods both constant fluctuating.


Fire and water, two contrasting yet perfectly balanced elements of the pitta Ayurveda dosha is often found in people with fierce intellect and understanding. Natural fire energies of the pitta type cause them to possess highly emotional personalities. Pitta skin types are sensitive in nature, at risk of acne, rashes, and sunburn. Application of organic skin care products such as body butter and conditioners can help create a protective layer on the skin and keep pitta types protected.

Pitta body types have high metabolisms and as a result – huge appetites!


This dosha is categorized as a combination of water and earth elemental energies. Grounded firmly and in touch with nature, kapha personalities are loving and compassionate. Kapha skin types are oily in nature, due in part to water elemental energies. These skin types can easily develop blocked pores that lead to blackheads and pimples. The top organic skin care product for Kapha skin types is an aloe vera infused scrub, used twice a week to exfoliate those clogged pores.

Kapha body types have slow metabolisms and can easily gain weight.
Most countries require a Medical Degree (MD) in Ayurveda to prescribe the use of ayurvedic herbs and medicine. This most ancient of medical practices has a leg in both science and tradition. Khadi Essentials hosts a great variety of Ayurvedic and organic hair and skin products. Find the ones suited to your dosha at Khadi Essentials

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