Let’s embrace our roots, the science of life and timeless well-being, external and within, the Ayurveda. At Khadi Essentials, we invite you to delve into an experience that emanates from the manifestation of the ancient science of Ayurveda that has stood the testament of time and art of contemporary lifestyle, a rhapsody of quintessential beauty and wellness rituals that are coveted by all. Inspired by our unparalleled appreciation for finer details, we present an eloquent testimony of recipes that actualise beauty and wellness from inside, and not just create an ‘illusion’ of it, because healthy is beautiful and beautiful is effervescent.

Endowed with an enchanting melange, our products are a labour of love and trust, and have been carefully curated to enliven all your senses and accentuate the luminescence of skin, hair, body and beyond. Experience magnum opus of affluence, surreal inward and visibly outward, never short of beauty and glory.


Trust is the way of life, a reaffirmation that inspires action. And we trust you to trust us. How can one not honour something that’s spiritually graced, is of exquisite grandeur and offers pearls of wisdom evolved and passed down for over two millennia; one simply cannot! And thus, we kept it simple. Before pledging any commitments to you, we made some vows privy only to our own selves, to be endeared forever. Since you are our biggest confidant, here’s an impression for you

Quality and Purity

We made a promise to settle only for finest recipes and handpicked ingredients in their purest organic forms

Head and Standards High

We take pride in keeping our head and standards a notch above, all our product meet and pacify international standards

Love for fellow beings

We love animals as much as we love humans, and hence, our products are not tested on animals

Driven by Sustainable Results and Performance

Goods things take time but happen for good. Sustainable results and performance, not overnight; gradually,but most importantly, effectively, drive us.

Skin, Hair and Body Care and Wellness that you can relish

Well, literally. In Ayurvedic taxonomies, herbal treatments are derived from roots, leaves, fruits, bark, seeds and oils.

SLS and Paraben free

Wait, what’s that? Our promise is to curate compositions exclusively without sulphates and parabens for most of our product ranges. Explore our tear-free products too.

Promise Keepers

The last vow is to keep all promises, uncompromisingly